Company Profile

Shenzhen Zhiling Technology Co., Ltd  is an innovative company dedicated to Aiot smart home platform and products, its own brand of innovative products is mainly focused on the three market areas of smart security, smart lighting, and smart small home appliances, mainly oriented to overseas European and American markets.
The company was founded in December 2020 and completed the angel round financing in March 2021 (valued at $30 million), with R&D centers in Shenzhen and Beijing. The team members mainly come from Ali/Tencent/360 and other major Internet companies, more than 80% of the members have more than 6 years of IoT and Internet industry background and practical delivery capabilities.

Set up Beijing headquarters and software R&D center in December 2020

Establish Shenzhen Firmware R&D/Sales Center in January 2021

Plan to set up a US sales center in Los Angeles in 2022

Plan to set up a European sales center in Poland in 2022