DEKCO 2K Wireless Security Camera Outdoor /Indoor with Spotlight & Siren

DEKCO 2K Wireless Security Camera Outdoor /Indoor with Spotlight & Siren

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  • Battery Wireless Camera:Enjoy uninterrupted surveillance for up to 1-2 months on a single full charge. 
  • Intelligent PIR Motion Detection: Our outdoor security wireless cameras are equipped with advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection technology. This smart feature can accurately differentiate between human and vehicle movement, minimizing false alarms and ensuring you are only alerted to genuine security concerns.
  • Instant Smartphone Alerts: Stay informed and connected no matter where you are. When the camera detects suspicious activity, it sends immediate notifications to your iOS or Android smartphone. You'll always be in the loop about what's happening around your property.
  • Enhanced Intruder Deterrence: Our cameras don't just alert you—they actively deter potential intruders. When motion is detected, the cameras can automatically activate alarms and flashing lights, serving as a strong deterrent to would-be trespassers and enhancing the security of your home.
  • Two-way Audio & Multi-user Access : DEKCO home security camera are equipped with built-in microphone and speaker to establish a conversation between you and your visitors.  This home security camera allows you to create several guest accounts and share the videos instantly with your families and friends.
  • IP66 Waterproof: With great IP66 weatherproof performance, even in the rain, the camera works well. Temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C).
  • Infrared Night Vision: The 3 megapixel CMOS enables the camera to get 50% more detail than the 1080p camera. Built in two LED infrared lights, so that the camera can capture a clear picture at night, combined with PIR mobile detection sensor, 24-hour protection of your property.

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Mackenzie Myers
Camera is fine…. The app doesn’t work

Camera is fine… the app system is broken. Myself and many others encounter the issue where the app will not load feed and is stuck on “Poor network please check the network” error message - Google this and you will see hundreds of other Amazon customers with this challenge. There is no solution since customer service does not exist for this app that the camera relies upon to stream video. There is nobody to contact, nobody that can help. Cheap product bad service stay away these 5 star reviews are all fake.

Katy Solano
Camera Quality is Excellent

An item that has been charged and placed outdoors has been functioning reliably for at least five days.

Marianne Scott
Exceptional Service and Product

I made this purchase in May 2023, and I'm delighted with the quality and functionality of the product. The color and clarity are exceptional. I find it valuable to be able to communicate with my senior dog when she gets anxious while I'm away. I highly recommend this purchase, especially given its price. I must also commend the exceptional customer service I received. A few weeks ago, one of the cameras stopped working, and when I contacted the company, they promptly addressed my issue. After troubleshooting, they offered to replace the camera as it was still under warranty. Their proactive approach and persistent attempts to reach me, even when my email wasn't working, were truly commendable. It's crucial to remember that how a company responds to problems is what matters, and this company deserves an A+ for their customer service. The product itself also deserves an A+ rating.

L. Owen
Outstanding Image Clarity

This compact camera, within its price range, offers impressive resolution and vibrant colors. The installation process is straightforward, and so far, it's performing well. I hope it maintains its reliability over time.

Rob McCarthy
Absolutely Adore It

I have a strong affinity for these cameras.