Wireless Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera Color Night Vision

Wireless Security Camera, 2K WiFi Camera Color Night Vision

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The AOSU outdoor WiFi security camera is built in a noise cancellation speaker & Microphone, letting you can talk with the visitors or your family wherever you are. In the intelligent mode, this outdoor security camera won't open the LED lights, so the video recorded at this time is black and white. The LED lights will open automatically when the camera detects people move in, so there is no need to worry the LED lights and the alarm will alert thief, this WiFi camera had captured the motions when the LED on, the 2K ultra resolution offers you their appearance clearly. You can also choose just full color night vision or IR night vision all the night. The camera builds in SD card slot and videos can be saved in the micro SD card (Up to 256GB, NOT INCLUDED). With the rugged housing and body, this security camera can keep guard anywhere, outdoor or indoor, and in any harsh weather conditions(sunny, rainy, snow, -4~140°F). The power cord of the DC 12V adapter is 3M (9.8 feet), you can install this camera in any places. Support only 2.4G WiFi (not supported 5G) to connect to LAN search. You can zoom in on the screen to view more details while watching playback or live monitoring. This WiFi ip camera automatically tracks and pushes alerts to your smartphones(IOS, Android)

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Susan M
Effortless Setup Process

Easy setup and a 360-degree pan-tilt view are loved features.

Joel Ukwenda
Impressive Experience, Simple Setup, and Abundant Options

An initially overwhelming product proved to have an easy setup, and the app was user-friendly. The camera does not require a subscription and has unique features.

Provides a Flawless and Clear View of the Entire Area

The reviewer is impressed with the camera's image quality and voice. A 10-star recommendation is given.

A Highly Impressive Camera

The camera, with a wealth of features, offers ease of assembly and setup. It's highly anticipated for installation.

Viren Raval
Remarkably Good Video Quality

This budget-friendly security camera provides crisp 2k quality, a 360-degree pan view, and easy setup.